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Desktop Management, Desktop Management Services, Desktop Management ServicePreventative Maintenance

Antivirus Monitoring

JITDESIGNS provides Antivirus Software monitoring and detection. Every four hours, we perform a check to see if definitions are updated. If definitions fall 3 days behind or if anti-virus software scanning stops, your JITDESIGNS technical team will connect remotely and update your desktop or laptop. In the unlikely event of a virus breakout on your network, the JITDESIGNS NOC team can provide services to scan the network and clean up the viruses on a best effort basis.

Spyware Scanning

Malwarebytes Anti-Spyware scanning is performed twice a day. The quick scan is performed at noon and the full scan is performed after business hours.

Microsoft Patching

JITDESIGNS only deploys Microsoft Patches after testing all new patches at JITDESIGNS's Data Center. Failed patch installs are placed on a black list and removed from all installation lists. Successful patch installs are placed on a white list and scheduled for deployment.

Temp File Removal

JITDESIGNS performs weekly scheduled Temp File Removal. If left unchecked, these folders can grow and cause low disk space errors or affect the paging file, causing the computer to run slow.

SMART Analysis

JITDESIGNS is able to capture information provided by S.M.A.R.T. hard drives. The S.M.A.R.T. alerts are vendor specific and usually report precursors to hardware failure.

Additional Services

Asset & Inventory Scans

Scans are scheduled to run weekly to capture hardware, software, and operating system settings from users' desktops and laptops. Clients can request a detailed report of any computer being monitored by calling JITDESIGNS's Technical Support Center.

Managed Services Monthly Reports

JITDESIGNS provides a comprehensive monthly report detailing preventive maintenance activities such as Patches applied, Antivirus updates completed, Spyware instances removed, Temp Files deleted, etc.

Desktop Management Service: Preventative Maintenance

Desktop Management, Desktop Management Services, Desktop Management Service

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